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My COVID story: My body ache was so terrible that even touch of water was causing pain – Times of India

Shikhi Sharma was working through the pandemic and suddenly experienced shivers and bodyache. She tested positive along with her in laws and had to spend a lot of time in isolation. Here’s her COVID story

I am a branch manager in Allahabad bank and my husband is an engineer in the State Government of Rajasthan. We are a family of 6 including my in-laws, my 4 year old daughter and my sister-in-law. Since both me and my husband’s jobs involve public dealing, we used to take extra precautions like steam, hot lemon water etc. since the pandemic started.

On the 18th of September, I returned from the bank completely fine .But after cooking dinner by 10 PM, I felt like my body was shaking. I told my mother-in-law that I am struggling to even stand and went off to sleep. I had no other symptoms, no fever, no throat pain but there was a sudden discomfort in the body.

The next morning when I woke up, I couldn’t even open my eyes because of a severe headache. My husband gave me some medicine for headache but after two hours when I went to take a bath, my whole body was in deep pain. Even the touch of water on the body was causing pain. I somehow took a bath and called up my sister, aunt and uncle, all of whom are doctors. They advised me to get myself tested immediately.

I got myself tested and the result was positive. By then I had already isolated myself. I asked everyone in my family to get tested including my 4year-old child. We were shocked to know that both my in-laws were positive. They didn’t have any symptoms and thereafter began the quarantine period. They isolated themselves on the first floor while I was in my room on the ground floor.

My husband, daughter and sister-in-law were isolated in the other room. It was a really tough situation with three people of the family isolating in three different rooms,my daughter too was sort of restless with everything around her.

My in-laws didn’t report any symptoms, except slight body pain. But my symptoms were severe. I used to feel sudden shivers which I still feel after 21 days of testing negative. I used to vomit, have episodes of splitting headaches. These symptoms started waning out after the 6th day. But the blessing in disguise was that I read a lot, I am a big,big bookworm and I finished about 18 books in 14 days. Books like “A man called Ove” made me feel light while some like “Mornings in Jenin” transported me to a different world altogether. Since I was in isolation, I could feel the characters more deeply.

My parents,sister and sisters-in-law kept me company via video calls and so did my friends. I connected with family and friends to whom I couldn’t give time in my daily hectic life because of my job. The toughest part was staying away from my daughter.

Even after testing negative, me and my in-laws still remained in isolation for 7 more days. My parents and elder sister-in-law used to drop food at our doorstep, while the younger sister-in-law took a lot of care of us all.

The best part was that my daughter got a lot of time to spend with my husband. They kept each other company and by the time I came out of isolation, they were like a team against me.

I can still feel the after effects of COVID but I would advise everybody to please wear a mask all the time, eat healthy home cooked food and have plenty of hot water and steam.

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