Saturday, June 19

Coronavirus: People with five or more symptoms are at a higher risk for developing long-COVID, says study – Times of India

For many patients battling post-COVID symptoms, overcoming the initial symptoms is one half of the entire battle. Also called long haulers, post-COVID symptoms can range from a lingering cough, breathlessness, muscle pain, brain fog and chronic fatigue.

According to the latest study, which has been done at King’s College, London, patients who suffered five or more symptoms in the first week of infection, and reported not having recovered 4-8 weeks after this are more likely to be at risk for post COVID.

How long can it take for COVID recovered patients to get back to normal?

The study, which is yet to be peer-reviewed was carried out by analysing nearly 4000 COVID recovered patients across the UK and Sweden.

Of this data, nearly 20% weighed in saying they hadn’t fully recovered even after a month of being diagnosed. 190 felt persisting symptoms eight to teen weeks after their first positive diagnosis. Some 100 reported problems ten weeks after the infection. These, are the broad indicators which could determine your long COVID risk as well.

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