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Coronavirus UK death toll rises by 280 in highest Thursday increase since May – Mirror Online

A further 280 people have died from Covid-19 in the UK.

The death toll in the country since the pandemic began now stands at 45,955.

The last Thursday when the death toll was so high was on May 28, when 422 Covid-19 deaths were recorded.

A further 280,995 tests were carried out and 23,065 more cases were confirmed, meaning 965,340 have now tested positive for the disease.

Yesterday a further 310 people’s deaths were added to the grim tally.

That was a 62% rise in Covid-19 deaths compared to last Wednesday.

Grim news of the rate of death continuing to tick upwards comes as worrying data shows how high the infection rate remains in some parts of the country.

Researchers found that in London, the R rate has reached an estimated 2.86, meaning each infected person passes the virus onto nearly three others.

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A further 310 Covid-19 deaths were recorded yesterday

A further 310 Covid-19 deaths were recorded yesterday
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A further 280 people’s death from Covid-19 were recorded today
(Image: PA)

Three other areas in the south have rates above two, with sharp rises also recorded in the Midlands.

Contrastingly, encouraging figures suggest a sharp fall in parts of Northern England, which has endured stricter lockdown conditions.

The North West and North East are estimated to have dropped to 1.21 and 0.57 respectively.

A key problem the Government has when it comes to keeping infections down is that its case tracking system is still not working.

Four in 10 close contacts of people who tested positive for Covid-19 in England are still not being reached by the NHS Test and Trace system, at the same time as it recorded the highest ever weekly number of positive cases.

In some parts of the country the R Rate is close to 3

In some parts of the country the R Rate is close to 3
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A total of 126,065 people tested positive for Covid-19 at least once in the week to October 21 – an increase of 23% in positive cases on the previous week and the highest weekly number since Test and Trace began at the end of May.

Some 60.3% of close contacts of people who tested positive were reached through the system in the week ending October 21 – up very slightly from 60.0% in the previous week, which was the lowest weekly percentage ever recorded.

For cases managed by local health protection teams, 97.0% of contacts were reached and asked to self-isolate in the week to October 21.

But for cases handled either online or by call centres, this figure was 58.1%.

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