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COVID-19 Symptoms Could Determine Longevity Of Your Sickness – Kalinga TV

Bhubaneswar: It is not necessary that two or more people suffering from Corona have similar symptoms. Severe infection in corona virus patients may increase the risk of “Long Covid”.

People who have more than five or more symptoms of COVID-19 in the first week were at higher risk of developing long-term COVID, claimed in a study done at King’s College London.

Even chances of long-COVID are high in elderly, overweight people, and asthma patients.

According to the latest study, which has been done at King’s College, London, patients who have suffered five or more symptoms in the first week of infection and have not recovered within 4-8 weeks are more likely to be at risk for post COVID.

Researchers studied more than 4,000 people from the US, UK, and Sweden. They found that COVID-19 patients who had more than five symptoms of the infection during the first week of illness were more likely to be associated with Long COVID a condition where symptoms of the disease last for months, even after recovery.

COVID-19 symptoms in the first week can be categorized into six different types of infections, which could further determine who has a higher risk of developing a mild or severe form of infection.

Patients who had misdiagnosed or underwent late testing were also at a higher risk of developing post-COVID symptoms.

Fatigue and exhaustion are two of the most common symptoms long haulers reported in their month-long struggle of COVID-19. Nearly 98% of patients complains of headache, lingering cough, breathlessness, muscle pain, hoarse voice and chronic fatigue.

Researchers have also found that only one pre-existing condition, asthma, was associated with long-COVID.

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