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Including Vitamins A, E, C And D In Your Diet May Help Prevent Respiratory Disorder – Study Finds – NDTV Food

The importance of a well-balanced diet is not unknown to the world. Proper nutrition plays a key role in building a strong and fit mind and body. It also helps boost the immune system, which further lowers the risk of several viral infections. On a related note, nutrients like vitamin A, E, C and D have long been deemed ideal for immune health. Adding to their benefit, American Nutrition Association suggests that a high intake of these vitamins may also help you prevent respiratory infections. The findings were published online in the journal BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health.

The researchers surveyed data provided by 6115 adult participants who had completed three or more days of diet diaries. They looked at the dietary intake of the participants (both from diet and supplements) and segregated the data on the basis of several potentially influential factors like age, sex, weight (BMI), smoking, household income and total energy intake.

The results showed that there were 33 cases of respiratory complaints and all of them were older adults who were less likely to consume regular vitamins A, E, C or D supplements. However, there was no such obvious association between BMI and vitamin intake, or between BMI and respiratory complaints.


As per the researchers, “This is an observational study, and as such, can’t establish cause, added to which the number of respiratory complaints was small, meaning that no inferences can be made in respect of the coronavirus pandemic.”


“Further research is required to assess the implications of the current study in the context of the current coronavirus disease pandemic using data from longitudinal cohorts,” they added.

Taking these points under consideration, we say, let’s include the right kind of nutrients to our everyday diet for overall nourishment.

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