Sunday, July 25

Pune: Cancer patient recovers from Covid-19 – Times of India

PUNE: A 62-year-old man who is suffering from third stage cancer has recovered from
Covid-19 after a long battle, a private hospital here claimed on Thursday.

The patient, who is suffering from follicular
lymphoma, a type of cancer which affects blood cells, tested positive for the
viral infection on July 30.

Though he was initially discharged a week after hospitalization, he continued to test positive for the infection and had fever, said
Dr Minish Jain, an oncologist at Ruby Hall Clinic, the hospital where he was treated.

“His cancer status had made him vulnerable to Covid- 19. During the one and half months when he was Covid-19 positive, we asked him to follow good diet, perform basic mobility exercises.

“He followed all the instructions and finally he recovered from Covid-19 after 45 days,” Dr Jain said.

chemotherapy, which had been halted after the
coronavirus diagnosis, has resumed, the doctor added.

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