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The World Health Organization announced that work will continue to determine the origin
Corona Virus The new “Covid-19”, referring to a hypothetical meeting between a group of international experts and their counterparts from China for this purpose.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said that they are working to track the long-term effects of the Corona virus and to determine the origin of the virus in partnership with all parties.

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He explained that the virus leads to a large group of people, to severe long-term effects and complications.

Adhanom added that it is necessary for governments to realize the seriousness of the long-term effects of the Coronavirus, and to ensure the necessary health services for all patients.

He pointed out that pursuing the so-called “herd immunity” is a morally unreasonable and futile strategy, as it will lead to millions of deaths and also, many of the injured could face a long and arduous road towards full recovery.

He continued, “Until we get a vaccine … governments and people must do everything in their power to suppress transmission, and it is the best way to prevent these long-term consequences after the Corona virus.”

He stressed that governments should focus on addressing the Coronavirus crisis and not politicizing it.

Adhanom stressed that there is a ray of hope, as there are many vaccines now in the third phase of final trials, as well as rapid tests.

The health organization also praised the precautionary measures taken during the early voting in the US presidential elections.

For its part, the “Al Arabiya” satellite channel reported that the organization decided to send a specialized team to China to verify the origin of the Corona epidemic.

The World Health Organization’s emergency committee recommended that the institution and governments work closely to develop strategies for training health workers and ensuring the necessary care for the disease.

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