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My COVID story: Self-care and awareness a must for COVID-19 recovery – Times of India

What started out as a mild fever turned out to be symptoms of coronavirus for Sonia Chopra and her family. The 15-day isolation period exhausted them physically and mentally. Here’s an account of their experience and the strategies which helped them recover.

I live in West Delhi and am a working mother of a single girl child. When I first got symptoms, it was primarily a low-grade fever and a cough. I thought that it was a simple viral fever, so I took paracetamol but I couldn’t get any relief. The very next day it suddenly took a turn and my husband and daughter too suffered from viral fever and cough. I was scared and thinking that it might be a coronavirus infection, got tests done for all three for us.

We got the RT-PCR test done and got strangely, got the tests back the same day. It came back positive for all three of us.

I never had shortness of breath because I feel the virus never reached my lower respiratory tract or lungs owing to the quick intervention. I consulted my family doctor and he advised us about some treatment medicines and multivitamin tablets. We regularly monitored our oxygen levels, took steam, drank hot water and continued eating healthy home-cooked meals.

I began showing signs of recovery after 10 days of infection as I had no fever. Still, I continued to practice quarantine strictly. I didn’t leave my home, nobody came inside. Deliveries and groceries were kept outside at a safe distance. We continued to isolate ourselves till the designated quarantine period was over.

Until now, we had only heard of pandemics like the Spanish Flu etc and now, we are undergoing one. I was blessed to have a wonderful support system through my friends, family and my office colleagues which I believe is key to a successful COVID-19 recovery. The physical toll is high but so is the emotional/mental health toll. Having people to check in on you and talk/text with you was very important. Constant checkups and online consultations were also important in speeding recovery. He also guided us and gave information about our behavioural health. This helped me to cope with the equally challenging mental battle associated with beating COVID-19.

After 15 days, the worst was over. Though still feeling tired, I returned to working from home. Even after the symptoms dissipated, my body needed time to build up stamina after a long fight against the virus. I was able to recover because of the excellent care I received. It is also very essential to practice self-isolation. If you suspect you have the virus, please contact your nearest COVID testing centre. I would like to tell people, please do not take any fever and cough like symptoms lightly. One must not be afraid to seek help and post-recovery the rule of quarantine is a must. It is mandatory for everyone to not get out of the house, unneccessarily. Please stay at home and break the chain of transmission.

Written by Sonia Chopra

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