Monday, March 8

Serious patients landing at hospital – Times of India

Hyderabad: Though overall bed occupancy has decreased from nearly 40% (October first week) to 17% (now) in the state, majority of beds occupied are ICU and oxygen beds, indicating serious patients in hospitals. Despite the overall number of daily
Covid-19 positive cases declining from nearly 3,000 to 1,400 now, there seems to be no let-up in the intensity of the infection.

Going by statistics, 25% ICU beds in government sector and 20% in private sector were occupied, while 12% oxygen beds in government sector and 21% in private sector were occupied on Saturday. These account for nearly 75% of Covid hospitalisations.

“Although people have lowered their guard now and overall number of cases are reducing, but the virulence has not reduced. While majority of the people are asymptomatic and many might not be testing as earlier when people were more inclined to testing, we have serious patients only coming to hospitals,” Gandhi Hospital superintendent Dr M Raja Ram said, suggesting people continue to take all necessary Covid precautions. Experts point out towards the tendency to wait out and ignore initial symptoms. Moreover, even if overall deaths in state have decreased, severe cases continue to be reported in good numbers.

“While earlier, a lot of patients coming to us could be redirected to government quarantine centres. However, of late, most patients coming are being sent to Gandhi Hospital or Chest Hospital and a few are being sent to quarantine centres as most are coming with severe symptoms,” a source at King Koti Hospital said.

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