Thursday, July 29

Abbott launches continuous blood glucose monitoring system FreeStyle Libre in India –

Abbott on November 2 announced the launch of the most awaited continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology – FreeStyle Libre system in India.

The device is now available for adults and children (above the age of four) living with diabetes in India and women with gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), offering them the choice to check glucose levels anytime and anywhere, ultimately improving glucose control 3.

The FreeStyle Libre sensor measures glucose every minute in interstitial fluid through a small (5.5mm long) filament that is inserted just under the skin and held in place with a small adhesive pad.

A quick scan of the sensor with a reader provides a real-time glucose

reading on demand and a complete picture of a person’s glucose levels, without the need of painful, routine fingersticks or daily calibration, enabling meaningful lifestyle and therapy interventions.

FreeStyle Libre is designed for users to be able to check their glucose readings much more simply and frequently.

Abbot said the data shows that higher scanning frequency of the technology has been shown to significantly improve time in optimal glucose range.

“Abbott’s revolutionary technology has changed the way millions of people manage diabetes globally and we are excited to bring this life changing technology to India,” said Kalyan Sattaru, general manager of the diabetes care business at Abbott.

“We are happy to launch FreeStyle Libre in India that gives millions of Indians access to high-quality, accurate and pain-free diabetes technology for continuous glucose monitoring. This helps people make more informed health decisions allowing them to live fuller lives,” Sattaru said.

India has the second-largest diabetes population in the world, estimated to cross 100 million in the next decade.

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