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How important is consumption of Vitamin C for fighting infection – India Today

Either the main worry for most people is, an infection from a bacteria or from virus and more so if the source of infection is not treatable. The current scenario is such one where we have a virus, which no one understands or even how to handle it. Given this background, Vitamin C is a molecule, which can handle most of these infections. This is a brave claim and let us analyze the statement and the science behind it.

All diseases, acute or chronic, inflict their damage and cause their symptoms via the final common denominator of increased oxidative stress at the cellular level. This can be located inside cells, outside cells, in the blood, in the lymph, or any combination of these locations, depending on the disease.

Given this, the ultimate goal of any treatment should be preventing sustained, non-physiological increases in oxidative stress. Such a treatment should directly address the oxidising agent, the biomolecules that have been oxidised, and/or neutralisation of free radicals that have been produced by the pro-oxidant.

– Dr Manickam Mahalingam, Founder, Mirakle Wellness Clinic

All toxins that cause their toxic damage via increased oxidative stress can be considered as pro-oxidants. The electron taking ability of the pro-oxidant is neutralised by Vitamin C, which is the most powerful electron-donating molecule. Vitamin C can be considered to the ANTITOXIN for any toxin that is damaging the body.

  • Vitamin C has been proven to be effective against all toxins tested. It the most successful because of its water solubility, simple molecular structure, and the ability to donate two electrons per molecule
  • In short, health is dependent on good flow of electrons, all the molecules that take away electrons are toxic and all the molecules that donate electrons are anti toxins
  • Vitamin C is an essential part of the Krebs cycle in our mitochondria, our state of health depends on the health of the mitochondria. By increasing the availability of Vitamin C, we are powering the mitochondria, which are the powerhouse of our cells. This enables good immunity by giving the body the ability to ward off infections

How important is consumption of Vitamin C for fighting infection

There have been various results published in the last few decades, which show good results in diseases such as Polio(Klenner 1949), Acute hepatitis (Dalton 1962), Viral encephalitis (Klenner 1951), Cancer and Atherosclerosis.

Given this background, it is important to have vitamin C as an essential part of any treatment. Even in the current covid crisis, vitamin C has been extensively used in China, US and other countries to improve the condition of the patients infected. Even in India, it is proven to reduce the number of days of treatment.

It is an essential part in the generation of ATP and energy at the mitochondrial level and mitochondria are the essence of life in anyone. Given this important link it is the most important and the easiest step to take control of your health.

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