Wednesday, March 3

Long COVID: All you need to know about COVID toes, the mysterious symptom which could last for upto six months – Times of India

COVID fingers and toes are one of the most unusual symptoms to have been witnessed due to the infection. While SARS-COV-2 has been likened to a respiratory infection, it can also result in inflammatory conditions, delay immune response and cause swellings and itches. COVID toes is a likely complication of the same.

Reports first emerged in early May when this mysterious symptom was first spotted amongst kids. Appearing like a chilblain, many dermatologists found that the symptom led to consequent inflammation of the toes, some discolouration in and around the affected parts and was very common to that of frostbite. Soon enough, the symptom came to be associated with adults found to be suffering from severe forms of infection. Now, newer studies have reported that COVID recovered patients can continue to have recurring symptoms, such as itchy, patchy skin months after battling the infection.

Researchers from the International League of Dermatological Societies observed over 1000 cases from 39 countries, wherein it was observed that they suffered from complications of skin infections and lesions. Nearly 50% of patients reported suffering from the complication and needed treatment.

While COVID toes, as a symptom, arises one to four weeks after contracting the infection and resolved on its own, 1 in 6 patients required more critical hospitalization on account of COVID toes. More so, the patients had lingering signs of the same infection for months on after the viral load had depleted.

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