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Saline County: 2 potential exposures, 1 new death, 48 new cases of COVID-19 – Salina Post

Following is the Saline County COVID-19 update for Wednesday.

The Health Department is investigating a public exposure to COVID-19 at La Casita located at 1601 W. Crawford Street in Salina.  Potential exposure would have occurred on October 22nd, October 29th, October 30th, and October 31st.  If you visited this location on any of these dates, please monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19.

The Saline County Treasurer’s Office located at 300 W. Ash, Room 214 will be closed temporarily, with staff working remotely due to potential exposure.  If you visited the Treasurer’s Office on Monday, November 2nd, or Tuesday, November 3rd, please monitor yourself for symptoms of COVID-19. 

Sadly, the Health Department was also notified of an additional death related to COVID-19 since the last press release.

There are 48 new positive COVID-19 cases in Saline County to report since the last update on Monday, November 2.  The total for the county is now 1,273 with 200 cases that are actively being monitored by the Health Department, 1,059 that have recovered, and a total of 14 deaths. Salina Regional Health Center reports that they have 12 hospitalized COVID-19 patients.  Our dashboard has been updated with the latest information:

●Mobile Device Users:

●Desktop Users:

If you have been tested for COVID-19, you need to isolate in your home until your test results are back.  Do not go to work or school, do not allow visitors to enter your house, arrange for delivery of groceries and food, and monitor yourself for symptoms.  Those that are notified of a positive COVID-19 test should take the following precautions:

●If you have severe symptoms, immediately call your primary care provider and follow their directions.

●Isolate yourself in your home.  Isolation means that you should not come in contact with anyone, should not leave your house, and should not allow visitors to enter your house.

Make a list of everyone that you had close contact with (10 minutes within 6 feet) starting two days before symptoms appeared; or if not exhibiting symptoms, two days before the date the laboratory test was performed.

●Keep note of what staff members at the Health Department you speak to.  We want to make it easier to connect you to the right person should you have additional questions.

According to the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, there are now 92,215 cases and 1,087 deaths statewide. This information can be found at

Here is what you can do to help us to stop the spread:

●Stay home if you have any symptoms or are ill.

●Wear masks in public spaces as required by City Ordinance and County Resolution.

●Maximize physical distance (6 feet or more) in public settings.

●Avoid socializing with large groups.

●High-risk individuals should only leave the house for essential needs.

●Wash your hands frequently

Only follow official sources to obtain information: or

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