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Top 5 Fruits to Strengthen Immunity And Keep Covid-19 Infection At Bay – Zee Kannada

Strengthening immunity amid the COVID-19 pandemic has become a necessity during this phase. People have been striving hard to avoid junk food and add more nutrition to their diet to reduce the chances of infection and heal fast. From drinking herbal tea to ayurvedic juices, there are so many natural things that they have tried. However, as the weather is changing, this transition can raise the risk of an increase in seasonal fever, cold, and chances for COVID-19. During winters, water droplets in the air tend to take time in evaporating, making them stay in there for a long time. So, we have compiled a list of five fruits to consume to strengthen your immunity and reduce the risk of infection. 

Top 5 fruits to consume this winter season


Sweet and aromatic guavas taste perfect with a pinch of salt spread evenly. They have loads of nutrients like vitamin C and fibre, which are helpful for the heart as well as sugar patients. They also help in preventing cell damage. They are usually available in the winter season, and people can consume it with various recipes, besides eating raw. Watch video:


Pear fruit is quite juicy, and people consume its juice as well. Besides being crunchy and delicious, it also has nutritional value. It works well for gut and bowel movements. They are full of with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E which are useful for increasing immunity and maintaining a fresh and active mind.

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Orange is juicy and full of nutrients like vitamin C and calcium. It helps keep seasonal fever and infection at bay with its properties. Moreover, it helps in controlling several chronic ailments. Besides eating it raw, people can consume its pulpy juice first thing in the morning. Additionally, they can add honey or a pinch of salt for better taste.

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Apple, usually available during the winter season, appears in vivid colours and types. Apart from red, it also has shades like golden, green, and pink. It is rich in protein, fibre, vitamin C as well as K. You can also make its shake and smoothie for a different taste.

Sweet lime

Just like orange, sweet lime has loads of vitamin C. During this time, vendors sell juice of this citrus juice to patrons. You can consume it with pulp for avoiding letting go of essential nutrients in it. 

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