Thursday, June 24

Air Pollution: Most effective breathing exercises to combat the effects of air pollution – Times of India

Kapalbhati is every yoga practitioner’s top choice. The breathing method helps detoxify your entire system. For people suffering from breathlessness, the exercise can help clear out toxins from the lungs and brain. Here are the steps to do the exercise.

Step 1: Sit straight with your spine erect and legs crossed.

Step 2: Take in a deep breath, exhale quickly making a puffing sound. Focus on exhaling quickly and not inhaling.

Step 3: When you exhale, draw your abdominal muscles inward simultaneously. The abdomen should fold when you exhale and rise when you inhale.

Step 4: Do the exercise for 10 minutes.

The exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, increases the oxygen flow and improves digestion apart from cleaning the respiratory system.

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