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My COVID story: I was bedridden and tired all the time – Times of India

29-year-old Shivang Ganatra was in for a shock when he discovered his fatigue to be a symptom of COVID-19, which impacted his family as well. From spending two weeks in isolation in a COVID care centre, he continues to feel the lingering side-effects. Here’s his COVID experience…


I was going about my busy life when I started to notice my inability to work the usual hours. It was then after returning to office one day in the evening I started feeling feverish and took a normal paracetamol and slept. The very next day fever was quite high and hence decided to take a medical help. Soon, I asked my dad and grandmother to avoid contact with me and they shifted to the other house. I was staying with my wife, mom and sister. During the medical course of 5 days prescribed by the doctor, my body pain and fever were the same. Panic had begun as I started losing my taste and smell and my blood reports were not too comprehensive. Finally I had been advised to do the Covid test as my wife too had started developing symptoms as she was there with me all the time. Panic attacked me the very next day when I tested positive and my mom and sister who were also isolated in a different room also started getting fever and weakness. It was getting more difficult and so I decided myself to get isolated at a Private Covid Center. But was worried about my family members. Finally Mom, sister and wife recovered after a space of 7 days and were quarantined for another 7 days.


The first 4-5 days of the isolation are a blur. After coming back home I could barely stay up, headaches and body aches were unbearable, and I had very less appetite. I took the usual dose of multivitamins, antibiotics to avoid secondary infection and the desi ‘kadha’ and ‘haldi doodh’ with steam. I was confined to my room with not much strength to move. I lay on my bed and prayed that I had not spread the infection to the ones I love. But somewhere GOD is surely there. Time passed away and finally I tested negative after two weeks.


I must be perfect now, right? Turns out testing negative isn’t winning the battle after all. Body pains Chest pain, Shortness of breath Why am I not recovering? Am I crazy? When will I get better? When do I know that I am out of danger? These thoughts keep bothering me. So I started to research and found out that there are tens of thousands of people like me who are facing what is called ‘Long Covid’ which means lingering illness, prolonged symptoms. At least I am not crazy. The recommendation course of action: Rest, wait and watch. There is no medication or protocol to accelerate recovery. It will heal with time My top learnings / messages are:

There is nothing ‘typical’ about the symptoms. Stay alert to any unusual discomfort. Testing negative may not mean it is over. The virus may leave your body, but the damage done to organs stays on. It is causing cardiac, respiratory impacts. It affects your brain too. For a time being I feel loss of memory too. I tend to forget a lot of things. Also for vulnerable people in general – Wear a mask, for your own sake and for the sake of others. I have been EXTREMELY careful may be a little casual towards end , I still got it. It is not just about me being cautious, everyone else must be careful as well. Everything can wait: shopping, eating out. Most importantly is the health of yours and your loved ones. I realized this when I was on bed during this tough times.

Support your loved ones because isolation and recovery are hard. My family has been my rock and my wife an absolute sweetheart. It is not easy to be patient and do your own stuffs. You may be tired of the virus, but the virus is alive and kicking. I am slowly getting better. I am doing my pranayama, taking Chyawanprash, staying hydrated, following up with specialists. 15 days ago I was bed-ridden, today I can sit and walk for a few minutes without being irritated. It is still a long way from recovery. How long lasting is this impact on my body functions going to be? When can I get back to my normal self? I do not have an answer.

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