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Health Tips: Use of Vitamin D and Vitamin C is a cut off of metabolicism syndrome, know which of the two is better – Pledge Times

Health Tips: Many things have to be taken to keep the body healthy and running smoothly. Behind a healthy body- Exercise, regular catering, perfect daily routine, low stress, nutritious diet, etc., when the pillars stand, then the person gets a fit body. Today we will talk about two such nutrients, which are not only important for giving strength to your body, but are also effective in keeping diseases away from the body. Apart from this, today we will also give you information about those properties which are beneficial for your body in many ways and will also tell which vitamin is better for you.

1. Vitamin D and C
Vitamin-D and Vitamin-C have been considered very important to keep the body healthy. Vitamin D and C levels have an inverse relationship with metabolic syndrome components. Both of these vitamins are used as an antioxidant supplement while eliminating metabolic activities. According to some studies, intake of vitamin D or vitamin C along with physical activity may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Vitamin D is a helpful element for absorbing and regulating calcium and phosphorus that strengthen bones and teeth. Vitamin D regulates the level of insulin in your body. Not only this, vitamin-D also works to activate your immune brain and nervous system. In addition, your genes, muscles and lungs work well with the help of vitamin-D. Lack of vitamin D in the body is a serious problem which to ignore is like inviting many serious diseases to your body.

3. Complete adequate amount of Vitamin-D
Often people eat vitamin D capsules to meet vitamin D deficiency. But let us tell you, you can also fill vitamin D deficiency in a natural way. Sun is a natural source of vitamin D, so by staying in the sun for at least 15 minutes daily, you can complete vitamin D deficiency in a good amount. Keep in mind that there should be no sunblock cream or sunscreen lotion on your face for these 15 minutes. Apart from this, you can overcome its deficiency by taking vitamin D rich foods like: salmon, tuna, fish oil, liver, cheese and egg yolk.

4. An overdose of vitamin D is circumcision
Vitamin D is soluble in fat, which means that it is stored in your fat. If you consume it too much then your body will not be able to clean it easily which will affect calcium levels, which is very harmful for your heart and blood vessels, lungs and kidneys. Excessive intake of vitamin D can cause you to experience problems such as headaches, muscle aches, a metallic taste in the mouth, nausea or vomiting, constipation or diarrhea.

5. Properties of Vitamin C
You all know how beneficial vitamin C is for you. It helps you a lot in fighting infection and it also works to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C also strengthens the heart and immune system, helps regulate blood sugar levels and helps in the absorption of iron. Apart from this, vitamin C is also very helpful in keeping your hair and skin healthy.

6. Excess of Vitamin C is harmful
Although there is no harmful possibility of taking a diet rich in vitamin-C too much, but its dose can cause megadoses. Such as-
– diarrhea
– Nausea
– vomiting
– Stomach irritation
– abdominal cramps
– Headache
– Insomnia problem

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