Saturday, June 19

Dont rely on a negative test result to see your family for Thanksgiving – KCTV Kansas City

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kAmQ*@F 42? 86E :?764E65 3J ;FDE 2 76H G:C2= A2CE:4=6D[ 3FE E96D6 H:== ?@E 36 56E64E23=6 F?E:= E96J 92G6 E:>6 E@ C6A=:42E6 E@ 256BF2E6 =6G6=D E@ 36 56E64E65[Q 96 E@=5 r}} 3J 6>2:=]k^Am

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kAmu@C A6@A=6 H9@ 86E D:4< H:E9 r@G:5`h[ DJ>AE@>D 42? E2<6 FA E@ EH@ H66<D E@ 2AA62C[ 3FE E96 2G6C286 E:>6 😀 23@FE 7:G6 52JD[ (2=6?D<J D2:5]k^Am

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kAm~?6 C62D@? H9J E9:D G:CFD DAC625D D@ 62D:=J 😀 3642FD6 A6@A=6 42? 36 :?764E:@FD H:E9@FE 2?J DJ>AE@>D] %96 &$ r6?E6CD 7@C s:D62D6 r@?EC@= 2?5 !C6G6?E:@? 6DE:>2E6D c_T @7 :?764E:@?D 2C6 2DJ>AE@>2E:4[ 2?5 d_T @7 EC2?D>:DD:@?D 92AA6? 367@C6 DJ>AE@>D 368:?]k^Am

kAmQxEVD 366? 2>@?8 E96 3:886DE p49:==6DV 966=D @7 E9:D] p?5 :EVD 366? 2>@?8 E96 3:886DE 492==6?86D 2?5 E96 F?6IA64E65 E9:?8D 3642FD6 WH:E9X :ED 4@FD:?D[ E9:D 😀 ?@E ECF6[Q (2=6?D<J D2:5]k^Am

kAmQ%96 C62D@? H6 H6C6 23=6 E@ 4@?EC@= E96 $p#$ @FE3C62< D@ BF:4<=J \ 2=E9@F89 E96C6 H6C6 @3G:@FD=J 2 =@E @7 562E9D E96C6 \ 3FE :E 5:5?VE EFC? :?E@ 2 A2?56>:4 😀 3642FD6 A6@A=6 H6C6?VE D9655:?8 WE96 G:CFDX F?E:= E96J 8@E DJ>AE@>D]Qk^Am

k9bms@ 5:776C6?E r@G:5`h E6DED >2EE6Cnk^9bm

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kAmkDEC@?8m|@=64F=2C E6DEDk^DEC@?8m[ DF49 2D !r# E6DED[ =@@< 7@C E96 G:CFDV 86?6E:4 >2E6C:2=] |@DE @7 E96D6 E6DED 2C6 A6C7@C>65 H:E9 ?2D2= DH23D @C E9C@2E DH23D[ E9@F89 D@>6 42? 36 5@?6 FD:?8 D2=:G2[ E96 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]752]8@G^4@?DF>6CD^4@?DF>6CFA52E6D^4@C@?2G:CFDE6DE:?832D:4DQ E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm&$ u@@5 2?5 sCF8 p5>:?:DEC2E:@?k^2m D2JD]k^Am

kAmQ%9:D E6DE 😀 EJA:42==J 9:89=J 244FC2E6 2?5 FDF2==J 5@6D ?@E ?665 E@ 36 C6A62E65[Q E96 usp D2JD]k^Am

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kAmQu@C A6@A=6 H9@ D9@H DJ>AE@>D[ D@ 72C E96 DEF5:6D D9@H E96 244FC24J @7 E96 >@=64F=2C E6DE E@ 7:?5 2 A@D:E:G6 42D6 :?4C62D6D H:E9 6249 52J 27E6C E96 6IA@DFC6[Q D2:5 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]CE:]@C8^6IA6CE^A:2>245@?2=5Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm!:2 |24s@?2=5[ :?764E:@FD 5:D62D6 6A:56>:@=@8:DEk^2m 2E E96 ?@?AC@7:E C6D62C49 :?DE:EFE6 #%x x?E6C?2E:@?2=]k^Am

kAmqFE 7@C :?764E65 A6@A=6 H9@ 5@?VE 86E DJ>AE@>D[ E96 244FC24J C2E6D 2C6 =6DD 4=62C[ D96 D2:5] Q|@=64F=2C E6DE A6C7@C>2?46 DEF5:6D @? 2DJ>AE@>2E:4 A6@A=6 2C6 G6CJ =:>:E65]Qk^Am

kAmkDEC@?8mp?E:86? E6DEDk^DEC@?8m 2C6 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]752]8@G^4@?DF>6CD^4@?DF>6CFA52E6D^4@C@?2G:CFDE6DE:?832D:4DQ E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm@7E6? <?@H? 2D C2A:5 E6DEDk^2m WE9@F89 D@>6 >@=64F=2C E6DED 2C6 C2A:5[ E@@X] p?E:86? E6DED 2C6 ?@E 2?E:3@5J E6DED[ H9:49 E6== J@F k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]752]8@G^>65:2^`c_`e`^5@H?=@25Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<QmH96E96C J@FVG6 k6>mAC6G:@FD=Jk^6>m 925 E96 G:CFDk^2m 2?5 92G6 2=C625J 56G6=@A65 2?E:3@5:6D 282:?DE E96 :?764E:@?]k^Am

kAmp?E:86? E6DED 5@?VE =@@< 7@C E96 G:CFDV 86?6E:4 >2E6C:2=[ =:<6 >@=64F=2C E6DED 5@] x?DE625[ E96J =@@< 7@C DA64:7:4 AC@E6:?D @? E96 DFC7246 @7 E96 G:CFD]k^Am

kAm%96 8@@5 ?6HD 😀 J@F 42? 86E 2?E:86? E6DE C6DF=ED 😕 =6DD E92? 2? 9@FC] %96 325 ?6HD 😀 J@FVC6 >@C6 =:<6=J E@ 86E 2 72=D6 ?682E:G6 H:E9 2 C2A:5 2?E:86? E6DE]k^Am

kAmQ!@D:E:G6 C6DF=ED 2C6 FDF2==J 9:89=J 244FC2E6 3FE ?682E:G6 C6DF=ED >2J ?665 E@ 36 4@?7:C>65 H:E9 2 >@=64F=2C E6DE[Q E96 usp D2JD]k^Am

kAmQp?E:86? E6DED 2C6 >@C6 =:<6=J E@ >:DD 2? 24E:G6 4@C@?2G:CFD :?764E:@? 4@>A2C65 E@ >@=64F=2C E6DED]Qk^Am

kAm%9:D 4@F=5 96=A 6IA=2:? D@>6 @7 E96 C646?E DAC625 @7 r@G:5`h =:?<65 E@ E96 (9:E6 w@FD6]k^Am

kAm(9:=6 DE277 >6>36CD 4=@D6 E@ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]4??]4@>^a_a_^`_^_d^962=E9^5@?2=5ECF>A9@DA:E2=EC62E>6?E^:?56I]9E>=Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm!C6D:56?E s@?2=5 %CF>Ak^2m 2?5 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]4??]4@>^a_a_^`_^ae^A@=:E:4D^>:<6A6?464@C@?2G:CFDAC642FE:@?D^:?56I]9E>=Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm’:46 !C6D:56?E |:<6 !6?46k^2m 2C6 7C6BF6?E=J E6DE65[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]4??]4@>^a_a_^`_^_g^962=E9^E6DE:?8DEC2E68J72:=FC64@C@?2G:CFDH9:E69@FD6^:?56I]9E>=Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm(9:E6 w@FD6 DE2776CD @7E6? FD6 C2A:5 2?E:86? E6DEDk^2m[ H9:49 86?6C2==J 92G6 2 9:896C C2E6 @7 72=D6 ?682E:G6D E92? >@=64F=2C E6DED 5@]k^Am

kAm#682C5=6DD @7 H9:49 EJA6 @7 5:28?@DE:4 E6DE J@F FD6[ J@FVC6 86?6C2==J >@C6 =:<6=J E@ 86E 2 72=D6 ?682E:G6 E92? 2 72=D6 A@D:E:G6]k^Am

kAmQx7 2 >@=64F=2C E6DE 😀 A@D:E:G6[ :EVD 2? 244FC2E6 C67=64E:@? @7 2 A6CD@? 36:?8 :?764E65[Q |24s@?2=5 D2:5]k^Am

kAmQx7 :EVD ?682E:G6[ :EVD =6DD C6=:23=6 E92E E96 A6CD@? 😀 :?5665 ?682E:G6] %96 D2>6 😀 ECF6 @7 E96 2?E:86? E6DED]Qk^Am

k9bmr2? x E6DE >JD6=7 2E 9@>6nk^9bm

kAm*6D] %96C6 2C6 D@>6 2E9@>6 E6DE:?8 <:ED 2G2:=23=6[ DF49 2E E96 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]6G6C=JH6==]4@>^AC@5F4ED^4@G:5`hE6DE^Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<QmtG6C=JH6== r@G:5`h >@=64F=2C E6DEk^2m] &D6CD E2<6 E96:C @H? ?2D2= DH23 D2>A=6D 2?5 >2:= E96> E@ 2 =23[ H9:49 H:== D6?5 C6DF=ED 5:8:E2==J H:E9:? ac E@ cg 9@FCD @7 C646:G:?8 E96 D2>A=6D]k^Am

kAmqFE E2<:?8 2?J <:?5 @7 r@G:5`h E6DE E@@ 62C=J >:89E >:DD 2? :?764E:@?[ D2:5 sC] uC2?< ~?8[ 49:67 >65:42= 2?5 D4:6?E:7:4 @77:46C 2E tG6C=JH6==]k^Am

kAmQpD E6DE:?8 42A24:EJ 92D 4@?E:?F65 E@ :?4C62D6[ >@C6 2?5 >@C6 2DJ>AE@>2E:4 @C >:=5=J DJ>AE@>2E:4 :?5:G:5F2=D 92G6 F?56C8@?6 E6DE:?8[ >@DE @7 H9@> =:<6=J 92G6 =@H6C G:C2= =@25D 😕 E96:C 4=:?:42= D2>A=6D[Q 96 D2:5]k^Am

k9bm$@ H92E D9@F=5 x 5@ :7 x H2?E E@ D66 7C:6?5D @C C6=2E:G6Dnk^9bm

kAmx7 J@F :?D:DE @? D66:?8 2?J@?6 H9@ 5@6D?VE =:G6 H:E9 J@F[ D6=7BF2C2?E:?:?8 7@C `c 52JD 367@C692?5 😀 36DE[ (2=6?D<J D2:5]k^Am

kAmQx7 J@F 5@ E92E AC@A6C=J[ J@F 5@?VE ?665 2 E6DE[Q D96 D2:5] Q%92EVD AC@323=J E96 4=62?6DE H2J E@ 5@ :E]Qk^Am

kAm%@ 36 4=62Ci “F2C2?E:?:?8 >62?D DE2J:?8 9@>6] xE 5@6D ?@E >62? J@F 42? CF? 6CC2?5D]k^Am

kAmQVvC@46CJ DE@C6V 2?5 VBF2C2?E:?6V 5@?VE 36=@?8 😕 E96 D2>6 D6?E6?46[Q (2=6?D<J D2:5]k^Am

kAm{6DD=6C 28C665 E92E BF2C2?E:?:?8 😀 36DE[ 2?5 2?J E6DE:?8 >FDE 36 5@?6 :?E6==:86?E=J]k^Am

kAmQx7 J@F 2C6 G:D:E:?8 2? 6=56C=J 72>:=J >6>36C 2?5 92G6 2 C62D@?23=6 C:D< @7 92G:?8 366? 6IA@D65[ E96C6 😀 ?@ DF3DE:EFE6 7@C `c 52JD @7 BF2C2?E:?6[Q {6DD=6C D2:5]k^Am

kAmQpE E96 G6CJ =62DE x H@F=5 H2:E `_ 52JD W@7 BF2C2?E:?:?8X 2?5 92G6 2 ?682E:G6 E6DE[Q 96 D2:5]k^Am

kAmQx7 J@F 2C6 G:D:E:?8 2 J@F?86C[ 962=E9J 72>:=J >6>36C 2?5 92G6 =:EE=6 492?46 @7 36:?8 6IA@D65 367@C6 @C 5FC:?8 EC2G6=[ E96? d @C f 52JD W@7 BF2C2?E:?6X A=FD 2 ?682E:G6 E6DE 😀 AC@323=J A=6?EJ @7 C:D< C65F4E:@?[ E9@F89 ?@ 8F2C2?E66 @7 D276EJ]Qk^Am

k9bm(92E D9@F=5 x 5@ 27E6C E6DE:?8 ?682E:G6nk^9bm

kAmxEVD :>A@CE2?E E@ DEC:4E=J BF2C2?E:?6 ?@E ;FDE k6>m367@C6k^6>m J@FC r@G:5`h E6DE[ 3FE k6>m27E6Ck^6>m J@FC E6DE 2D H6==]k^Am

kAmQ*@F D9@F=5 567:?:E6=J C6>2:? 😕 BF2C2?E:?6 H9:=6 2H2:E:?8 E6DE C6DF=ED 2?5 >2<6 DFC6 6G6CJ@?6 J@F 2C6 86EE:?8 E@86E96C H:E9 😀 @? E96 D2>6 A286 23@FE E96 A=2? 7@C 4@?EC@==:?8 :?764E:@? C:D<[Q {6DD=6C D2:5]k^Am

kAm%96C6 92G6 2=C625J 366? 42D6D @7 4@C@?2G:CFD DAC625 H:E9:? 72>:=:6D ;FDE 52JD 27E6C 2 A6CD@? E6DE65 ?682E:G6[ D2:5 sC] |:4926= $E] {@F:D[ 2 >6>36C @7 E96 rsrVD r@>>F?:EJ vF:52?46 %62>]k^Am

kAmw6 D2:5 6G6CJ@?6 >FDE C6>6>36C E@ EC62E 72>:=J 7C@> 5:776C6?E 9@FD69@=5D E96 D2>6 H2J J@F H@F=5 EC62E F?C6=2E65 7C:6?5D @C H@C< 4@==628F6D 5FC:?8 E9:D A2?56>:4]k^Am

k9bm(92EVD E96 D276DE H2J E@ 46=63C2E6 %92?<D8:G:?8nk^9bm

kAm%96 36DE H2J E@ 96=A >2<6 DFC6 6G6CJ@?6 DE2JD 962=E9J 😀 E@ 46=63C2E6 E96 9@=:52JD C6>@E6=J]k^Am

kAmQx 92G6 E9C66 <:5D] ]]] p?5 >J A2C6?ED 2C6 ?@E 8@:?8 E@ 36 ;@:?:?8 FD E9:D J62C[Q (2=6?D<J D2:5]k^Am

kAmQxEVD ;FDE 2H7F=] qFE H92E x C62==J 9@=5 @FE 7@C 😀 E92E >J A2C6?ED 2C6 AC6EEJ 962=E9J[ 2?5 x H@F=5 ?6G6C 7@C8:G6 >JD6=7 :7 x AFE E96> 😕 92C>VD H2J] p?5 xV> ;FDE =@@<:?8 7@CH2C5 E@ 2 a_a` H96? H6 42? 36 E@86E96C]Qk^Am

kAm%96 rsr DF886DED 46=63C2E:?8 H:E9 =@G65 @?6D G:CEF2==J @?=:?6] *@F 42? 2=D@ >2<6 EC25:E:@?2= %92?<D8:G:?8 5:D96D 2?5 56=:G6C E96> Qk2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]454]8@G^4@C@?2G:CFD^a_`h?4@G^52:=J=:764@A:?8^9@=:52JD]9E>=RE92?<D8:G:?8Q E2C86ElQ03=2?<Qm:? 2 H2J E92E 5@6D?VE :?G@=G6 4@?E24Ek^2mQ E@ C6=2E:G6D[ ?6:893@CD @C E9@D6 H9@ >:89E 36 766=:?8 =@?6=J]k^Am

kAm(2=6?D<J D2:5 E96 D>2== D24C:7:46D >256 E9:D %92?<D8:G:?8 H:== 96=A 6?DFC6 6G6CJ@?6 H:== 36 962=E9J 6?@F89 E@ D:E 2E E96 E23=6 ?6IE J62C]k^Am

kAmQpE =62DE E96JV== 36 E96C6 ?6IE J62C[ H96C62D :CC6DA@?D:3=6 3692G:@C ?@H >:89E >62? E96J H@?VE 36 96C6 =2E6C[Q D96 D2:5]k^Am

kAmQ{6EVD 5@ E9:D D@ E92E H6 42? 92G6 2 >F49 36EE6C D9@E @7 36:?8 2C@F?5 E96 E23=6 E@86E96C[ 962=E9J[ 😕 a_a`]Qk^Am

kAmr}}VD {2FC6? |2D42C6?92D 4@?EC:3FE65 E@ E9:D C6A@CE]k^Am

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