Friday, March 5

Forget oats and yoghurt: 5 reasons why Indian food should be part of your weight loss diet plan – Times of India

When it comes to weight loss, Indian food is not that much-favoured because of its high carb and fat content. Our two staple foods -rice and chapati both are high in carbohydrates and curries contain a generous amount of fat. Both these macronutrients increase the calorie content of the food, hence most people have difficulty in adjusting them in their diet. They prefer western superfoods like oats, yoghurt, salads over the traditional cuisine to shed kilo. But the real problem is not with Indian foods, but the way it is prepared. In reality, Indian foods are nutrient-dense and can not only help to shed kilo but keep you healthy, provided you prepare and have them correctly. Here are 5 reasons you must include Indian food in your diet.

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