Wednesday, March 3

Coronavirus: How loss of smell can be a good sign of recovery for many COVID patients – Times of India

Loss of smell, which can also go on to affect your ability to taste normal food can also be quite debilitating and frustrating for people who experience this ‘mild’ COVID symptom. Even so, many experts believe that experiencing loss of smell or taste, coupled by appetite reduction may be a good sign of the infection, as it may protect people from experiencing the other lethal signs of COVID-19, i.e. respiratory and inflammatory attacks.

Many doctors are now saying that people who experience complete loss of smell and taste, with gastrointestinal symptoms such as cramps, diarrhoea may only suffer from a mild form of novel coronavirus, which has now impacted over 55 million people across the world. Not only does loss of smell and taste have no medicinal therapy, but it could also mean that they have safeguarded themselves from severe respiratory attacks, which usually kick in from week 2 of COVID infection.

According to Indian doctors who have been working on mapping the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, patients with a moderate or severe form of the disease, who require critical ICU care rarely report experiencing a sudden loss of smell as a symptom, which could imply that it is largely a good ‘prognosis’ and only a mild form of COVID-19.

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