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My COVID vaccination experience: I had persistent fever and headache for 2 days after the first dose of – Times of India

Pranoosha Koti is a Mumbai based doctor who at first was anxious to get the COVID 19 vaccine. But he believed, as a doctor, it’s his duty to set an example for others by taking the vaccine. He experienced fever and headache for 2 days after the first shot but felt okay after the second shot. Here is his complete vaccination experience.

COVID 19 needs no introduction. The whole 2020 for the public was lockdown, quarantine, isolating themselves at their homes, watching the news about the COVID. But for me as a doctor, the whole of 2020 was about understanding the disease, symptoms, treating the COVID patients. I had a constant fear of catching the COVID 19 infection.

But in 2021, a ray of hope in the form of a vaccine was introduced to the world. As a Frontline warrior, I was called for the first shot of the vaccine on 16 Jan 2021. Me and my fellow doctors were puzzled whether to take the vaccine or not. Some suggested we should wait for some time. But I believed, we, as doctors should set an example for others to take the vaccine.

Anxious and nervous I went for my first shot of the vaccine. After the shot of the vaccine, I was fine. I carried on with my hospital duty as normal. But after midnight I felt pain at the injection site, malaise and fever. I knew it was normal for these symptoms to develop after the vaccine. Somehow I completed my duty. For the next 2 days, I had a persistent fever and headache. Gradually I recovered and was back on hospital duty.

After one month, the time for the second shot of the vaccine came. I was a little anxious for the second shot. But after the second shot, I was fine with no complaints.

I request everyone to come forward and take the vaccine without any fear so that we can defeat the COVID.

Dr Pranoosha Koti

Inlaks General hospital

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